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Sometimes Nude works!!

Updated: Feb 29

This is my new project, not my only project as I'm sure you understand!! Recently when searching on Ravelry for a new sweater to knit, the Field Sweater by Camilla Vad kept appearing! It's such a lovely pattern but I haven't done a lot of cabling so I kept trying to ignore it! However finally I gave in! Next was the tricky decision of what colour to use! I figured a plain colour would show the pattern off to its best. After rummaging through all my stash, I couldn't make a decision so I ended up going to my box of undyed yarn and as I don't have a sweater that goes with absolutely everything, this was the obvious choice! Here it is, I've finished the cabling which was quite challenging to say the least but I am so pleased with the way it looks! Now its just a case of knitting in the round - fabulous!

Of course I had to choose my favourite bases which are my Merino Silk 4 Ply and Lace Suri Silk Haze. The pattern calls for a DK weight yarn but if 4 Ply and Lace are stranded together this seem to work as well. These two yarns are for sale on my website in nude. The fabric these two yarns produce is so luxurious! The last photograph shows one of my lovely stitch markers made by Dawn Gill

Once finished I will post my completed sweater on Instagram.

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It looks fantastic. And really challenging!! It kept popping up on my feed too but I'm waaaaay off the skill level for it. (at the moment!!) Thanks for the share with the stitch marker too.