Suri Silk Haze combines 75% soft and fluffy Baby Suri Alpaca with 25% Silk to create a cloud like 'halo' lace weight yarn that is popular with knitters the world over.
The yarn can be combined with other yarns to create wonderful textured feel or on its own with a variety of needle sizes to create different fabric effects.
Many similar yarns use Mohair. Suri Silk Haze is the perfect option for those looking for a Mohair free alternative. 

Alpaloop Lace Boucle is a boucle construction with 400m (437 yds) per 50g. It is a blend of Superfine Alpaca and bound in a small amount of Polyamide. Superfine alpaca comes from alpaca that have been especially bred for their fineness of fleece and when spun into this boucle yarn the effect is spectacular. The knitted fabric is incredibly soft and warm from all those spaces between the boucle. Don’t be put off by the boucle – the yarn is actually easy to knit with. A real quality Hand Dyed Yarn.